Welcome, let’s do this!

Where can we start?  Welcome to The Mended Mommy blog!  I’m a busy wife, and mother of three, navigating life, overcoming obstacles and exploring for the first time everything this world has to offer.  As I have learned to get to know myself over the years, the places I have turned to for hope, wisdom and strength have guided me to reach out and share experiences.   I want to share how I spend and save on my family of 5, where I want to travel, and how can I do it on a budget. What DIY project I make a mess out of next!?! I love a good beauty hack, life hack, anything that will make our lives easier! There are so many interesting people, places and things, and I’m ready to talk about my experiences, and anything in general. I thought, why not start using social media? Blogging? All of these interesting advances in technology I have been so afraid to get comfortable on them.  Let’s have some fun, find ways to make our lives easier and do it together!

I want your feedback, and ideas, so let’s open a dialogue.  You can also follow me on twitter @MendedMommy.

Quote of the day: 

When I think about the day ahead, I think about the potential for bettering myself and bettering everything around me.  What a treasured gift, this thing called life.” – Lisa Desatnik

Daily Tip for Self Care:

Spend an extra 10 minutes of your day, make time to pamper yourself.  Whether you want to try a new nail polish colour or beauty tip,  been meaning to cook a new dish, exercise, write more.  It doesn’t have to be extravagant and life changing.  It’s all these little things that add up and add value to our “happiness bucket”.  If you are unsure or not feeling motivated I ask you give whatever it is 10 minutes.  At this time of year, maybe it’s that New Years resolution you are already struggling to try or stick with.  If after 10 minutes you don’t want to continue, stop, pat yourself on the back for making this time for you.  It gets easier every day.